Research Questions

  • Why do teachers not use internet video in the classroom?
  • What obstacles do they face in using online video?
  • Are teachers who do not use OLV in the classroom characterized by specific demographic factors such as; age, sex, class, grade, comfort with technology and home technology use.?

Survey Questions - Online video (OLV) in the classroom

To include: Consent form.

Guarantee of anonymity, description of research.

Your age:

Your gender: M F

Level you teach:
(primary, Elementary, Secondary, Post-secondary)
Subject area you teach: (socials, science, general classroom, etc)
Do you browse On-line video OLV for personal use? Y/N
Have you uploaded clips to OLV for personal use? Y/N

1. Do think OnLine Video (OLV) is useful in the classroom? Y/N (ie Youtube, Google video etc)
    • If Yes, continue to Question 2
    • If No, explain your answer (then move to Question 2) - why do you think it is not useful? [Long answer]

2. Have you used OLV in your teaching practice? Y/N
    • If No, why haven't you used it? Explain your answer.

Here is the paper version of our survey in Word format:

I just added a small paragraph to the survey to explain what does internet video mean, feel free to rephrase the words

I changed the Age to Year of Birth, reduced the size of the description at the top of the form and added a (check one) prompt to make it clear that only one response is required, based on feedback from Mariska.

Here is a link to the survey in online format:

The latest draft of the survey after last class feedback (the expanded version)

Sample informed consent (Frank's group)