This is where drafts of our paper will be posted. We can also use this space as a way to 'check out' and 'check in' drafts to ensure that two people don't over-write the other's work.........

KM: This is the third draft, checked in as of 5:00pm Friday.
I won't be able to work on this again until Saturday night, as I am away this evening, and working all day Saturday.

KM: Here is a bit of an update. Still looking for relevant papers for this.

MS: I editted the introduction and reference part. Let me know what you think. OLV_nonuse_draft05.doc

KM: I updated the survey, and added it to Appendix A in the paper, based on the feedback from Mariska and Mohammad.

MS: OLV_nonuse_draft07.doc
I wrote
additional information about
the research problem and editted the research purpose and approach.
I also completed the
informed consent form
and editted the format of our survey.I think we still need to refine our
research questions
and decide what population we will choose.Also, revision is needed for the last three questions of our survey to improve them.We should re-word our questions and think of the best scale to be used as measurement.note: I use the term internet video instead of online video because of the title of our paper.

Few small editing points, I rephrased one line in the 2nd paragraph of the consent, rephrased the questions of the obstacles to make them easier to understand, I also made each different part of the survey clearly on a seperate page